Best Investing Books

The millionaire next door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D.Danko

True millionaires believe financial independence is more important than flashy social status.

Rule #1 by Phil Town

Some competitive advantages are easy to spot.

The Richest Man in Babylon Geroge S Clason

The secret to being financially successful is to always admit how little you know.

Happy Money: The New Science of Smarter Spending

Things don’t make you happy; experiences do. And the memories you make keep you happy.

Barefoot Investor

Ok, this is a good one. It is a good introduction to planning and consciously thinking about finance. 

Best Self Improvement Books 

  • Brain Audit
  • Bringing Up Bebe
  • Happier at Home
  • ReWork
  • Subtle Art of not giving a F

Best Biographies

  • Shoe Dog

My best stories and tips on both money and investing.

  • Think differently about money
  • Improve your confidence
  • Make better decisions
  • 2 minute read 
  • Free, forever