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If you’ve found this you’ve probably been searching for ETFs, or been looking for the ideal portfolio setup.

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My portfolio is made up of a few different investments I’ve collected over the last decade – stocks, property and cash.

The keyword is collected. I’ve started and stopped with countless investing products through the years.

If you are getting stuck working out what your portfolio should be, remember that it's the commitment to building one rather than what it's made of that makes the difference. 

Nowadays it’d be 100 times easier to start a portfolio from scratch with all the options available, but 10-15 years ago it was very different.

I’ve made some mistakes and had some regrets but the good thing is that it keeps me growing. 

If you want to know how I'm investing this year, then check out my post on what I’m investing in for 2022 (and how).

Here is what my investment portfolio currently looks like.


In late 2021 my family bought a new principle place of residence after selling our investment property.

The majority of our shares and equities were transferred to cash so that we could pay for the costs of this. Money went into the stamp duty, deposit and we also keep a large amount of money in cash so we can do renovations such as the kitchen (which are so expensive to do!).

While I'm not considering our property as an investment, I want to call this out as the investments I was making up to the recent purchase of our new place were used to fund this.

And that's what investing is all about. Using your money to build and grow into something that you can use to live a rich life. In our instance it was to buy a property that we can live in for 10+ years.

For now though I'll look to replenish and rebuild our investment portfolio which is mostly shares and equities as I'll explain.

Shares and equities I currently own

Our invest-able capital has significantly reduced recently due to most of it transferring to cash for use on renovations to the house we now live in.

This has got me really simplifying the approach I take to investing.

At this stage all I use to invest is Stake. Stake let's you invest in both US markets and the ASX.

I have all of my investing money within the plaform. No more Raiz, or Spacehip or CommSec Pockets which I've all used in the past.

Of the money in Stake, currently only 25% is actually invested in companies.

Those are Nike and Mastercard.

The remaining 75% sits in cash (USD) in the account, ready for use.

In 2022, The S&P 500 is down 21% off its high so while we have no idea what happens next, it is times like these that smart investors lay the foundations for the next cycle

Once I see enough indiction the market is heading upward, I'll be back fully invested and adding more companies as well as leveraged ETFs to the mix.

ETFs I've previously owned

It's a long list of what I've owned over the years as I'm a bit of a collected or buy now think later kind of investor!

To make it easier for myself to list, here are the most recent ETFs I've owned

  • Global – IOO, ETHI, HYGG
  • Local – MLT, FAIR, SOL, CHC, ACDC
  • Emerging –  VGE, IAA
  • Leveraged – UPRO, FNGU, TQQQ

Some others I can think of having owned in years gone by include – IVV, VAE, MOAT, RBTZ, UMAX, ISO, VDHG, VHY, VBLD, GOLD, VGB, IOZ. 

While I started off buying these through SelfWealth. I used the custom portfolio option in Raiz once that launched. It was simpler, cheaper and just better to manage. 

I also invested in Bitcoin through Independent Reserve but have paused adding any new money to it in 2021 and took it all out early 2022.

But wait I don't see VAS, VGS or IVV?

Years ago I used vanguard and broad based ETFs, but over diversification is something I avoid.

I prefer ETFs with a lower amount of holdings. IOO has 100, VGS has over 1500. I prefer the top companies, not every company. Same with VAS – its the ASX300 whereas STW for examples is the top 200 of the ASX.


See what I wrote about ethical investing here.


Most of our liquid wealth now sits in cash.

Cash is our king with inflation reaching 7%. Yes the value of it is shrinking but with a house recently purchased and interest rates increasing, we need a buffer and safety net to have the peace of mind. Just another reason why we invest.

I talk about the importance of a cash float in this article

What do I use to manage my DIY portfolio?

Sharesight of course.

It's the simplest, best looking way to aggregate all your investments into the one place. Doesn't matter how many platforms you have, this is where I go to view performance.

I have found the best deal on Sharesight as well – 4 months off any premium plan. You can start for free, upgrade later and still get the deal. 

I have written a popular review on the tool, but you might as well sign up for free to give it a go if you are serious about tracking your stock portfolio.

This is an affiliate link so I may get a commission if you join a premium plan for you to get the 4 months off.