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If you’ve found this you’ve probably been searching for ETFs, or been looking for the ideal portfolio setup.

To find out more about me the person then read more on the about page.

My portfolio is made up of a few different investments I’ve collected over the last decade – stocks, property and cash.

The keyword is collected. I’ve drip-fed into things over the years. 

Nowadays it’d be 100 times easier to start a portfolio from scratch with all the options available, but 10-15 years ago it was very different.

I’ve made some mistakes and had some regrets but the good thing is that it keeps me growing. 

If you want to know how I'm investing this year, then check out my post on What I’m investing in for 2021 (and how).

Otherwise here is what my investment portfolio currently looks like.

my portfolio by asset type


About 40% of our net worth is equity in one investment property.

We have an apartment that the wife and I lived in for a few years before moving cities.

We renovated it a bit while living there but now rent it out. It's positively geared so the income comes in handy, with any surplus going to the investments below. 

Shares and equities

Currently my investing strategy is to put money into a share portfolio on a regular basis and be consistent irrespective of market movements. 

I like to have a split of core and satellite investments, which if you Google is a fairly common approach to portfolio building. 

The core investments are more fixed and focused, at least for the medium term. These are what I expect to give me good but not great returns. Lately the returns have been outstanding. 

Specifically that core component is mostly ETFs and managed funds (like Spaceship Voyager).

In 2021 my focus is on finding more growth stocks so I'm looking to add ordinary shares that are part of that satellite part of the portfolio. This is me being more active and selective in investments rather than just buying into the market. 

my portfolio by investment type
my portfolio by diversity

What ETFs do I own?

See the diagrams above. The skew is towards global stocks to offset the heavy investment we have in our Australian property. 

You can see the split and here is the breakdown of what exact ETFs I own:

  • Global – IOO, ETHI, IEU
  • Local – MLT, STW, RARI
  • Emerging –  VGE, IAA

While I started off buying these through SelfWealth. I now have combined all the ETFs into a custom portfolio in Raiz. 

It means I can add money to the entire portfolio irrespective of how much I have and it gets invested automatically across all the funds. Saves time and effort which I love. 

I also invest in Bitcoin through Independent Reserve

Here is a list of other ETFs I’ve owned but sold in recent years (mainly to keep things simple):


But wait why not VGS or IVV?

IOO is my favourite ETF.

I prefer ETFs with a lower amount of holdings. IOO has 100, VGS has over 1500. I prefer the top companies, not every company. 


See what I wrote about ethical investing here.


This is mainly a buffer of cash in our main account and our emergency fund (1 year of expenses). If an opportunity ever arises then we are prepared.

I talk about the importance of a cash float in this article

What would I build if I started from scratch?

If I cashed out to start over I'd just put it all in a RAIZ custom portfolio.

It is such an easy to use tool and does exactly the things I want automated – overbalancing, dollar cost averaging – at a minimal cost.

See my post on investing apps to read more.

But what if I wanted a DIY portfolio…

Considering I am a DadInvestor I'd struggle to be hands-off with investing for too long. 

With things like CommSec Pockets you can easily create a fully capable investment portfolio on your phone.

Right now I'm using SelfWealth to add individual companies infrequently. 

Previously I've used ETFs like Vanguard's VDHG ETF and the VHY equivalent index fund. Now I find Vanguard too diversified.

10 years ago they were your only options but now with BetaShares, BlackRock, and Robo advisers around you can setup something closer to what you value. 

What do I use to manage my DIY portfolio?

Sharesight of course.

It's the simplest, best looking way to aggregate all your investments into the one place. Doesn't matter how many platforms you have, this is where I go to view performance.

I have written a popular review on the tool, but you might as well sign up for free to give it a go if you are serious about tracking your stock portfolio.

I have found the best deal on Sharesight as well – 4 months off any premium plan. You can start for free, upgrade later and still get the deal. 

This is an affiliate link so I may get a commission if you join a premium plan for you to get the 4 months off.

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