New Investor Bootcamp

“I have no idea how to invest in shares…”

What if it wasn’t so confusing and overwhelming to break into the world of investing?

There’s no need to stumble your way through blog posts, Facebook groups, and podcasts trying to work out how it’s done.

Let me help you get the true knowledge and confidence to start investing sooner so you can start doing something more with your money.

Hi, I’m Tim Ellis, course creator and regular investor

I am definitely not the most experienced or wealthiest investor out there – but I know how to talk to people and I know how to invest.

I've tried just about every tool and used every technique there is and want to help you to easily understand what it all means, all without the confusing lingo!

Does the thought of making money through shares sound great, but you have no idea where to start?

What begins as you thinking:

“this’ll just take me an hour or two to work out”

Turns into:

“I just spent all night on YouTube watching investing videos and now have a headache. 

ALL I want to know is …

  • Where to put my money
  • What are easiest ways to do that
  • Make it feel achievable

“Yeah I don’t know if I’ll ever understand this investing thing”

We’ve all been there.

But what if there WAS a way to make that first step towards investing more clear, relatable, and obvious?

This is precisely why I created New Investor Bootcamp.

Join the course and  IMMEDIATELY get the skills and knowledge you need to know to INVEST with confidence.


An easy to follow online course that gives you the skills, knowledge and confidence to start investing in the stock market. 

Full of videos, articles, links, tutorials, presentations that you are going to find use now and in the years ahead as an investor.


Watch me as I take you by the hand and walk you through the most need to know aspects of investing. 


Sit over my shoulder as I demonstrate how to do your research, setup your accounts and even place trades. 

Visual explanations

Find the right information for the right job. No more Googling for answers, know exactly what strategy, product, or site to use for whatever situation you are in. 

  • Go step by step from knowing nothing to knowing how to start investing with confidence
  • Build your foundational knowledge of investing and the stock market
  • Feel equipped to have conversations and make decisions on investing
  • Know exactly where to go next – what sites, what products, and how to add investing to your everyday life.
  • Learn what all that lingo like diversification really means
  • Understand your options for investing – which platform, what process
  • Find the right investing style for your situation.
  • Watch me run through popular platforms and apps on how exactly to buy shares

There is a LOT out there on how to invest right now.

And there are a TON of things you could be doing with your money that seems like a good idea

  • Picking stocks
  • Investing Apps
  • Crypto
  • ETFs

And my guess is that you’re seeing so much information you don’t know what to do. You don’t know what decision to make or even how to actually set things up to invest. 

But what if you did? 

What if you did know how to invest in and suddenly doing it seemed achievable to you?

Suddenly it all made sense:

  • How the stock market works
  • What an ETF is
  • How to use an online broker
  • The word ‘investing' make you smile

Never again feel dumb for not knowing or having to Google things to fill in the gaps.

What if you had all the knowledge plus this unwavering confidence to make your own investing decisions?

In case you're not a regular reader of my site or newsletter....

I invest in shares. A LOT. 😎

I've been hands on with

  • Raiz
  • Spaceship
  • ASX shares
  • NASDAQ shares
  • NYSE shares
  • Robo Advisors
  • ETFs
  • Managed funds
  • Portfolio management tools
  • and much more…

I'll be explaining exactly what I think of these tools and techniques as well as explain how they might work for you.

But the truth is – New Investor Bootcamp was created out of… laziness.


I wanted a way to answer all the most common questions I get asked and see online. I love to talk to people about money and investing so when I see the same questions from new investors being asked I needed to find a way to quickly answer them in ways they’d understand.

It’s amazing to see so much new passion and interest in investing as I know and can vouch for it being such a great way to build serious wealth. 

With New Investor Bootcamp, I’m going to arm YOU with the knowledge and confidence to make investing in shares for the first time so much easier and faster.

Plain and simple.

“What exactly do I get, Tim?”

Here are all the details.

Over 2 hours of video across 14 different topics

Explainer videos
  • Managing expectations
  • The 3 important ingredients of investing
  • Investing strategically with asset allocation and diversification
  • Choosing your investing style
  • Crypto and currencies
  • What happens after you start investing?
Tutorial videos
  •  How I find and research individual shares
  • Researching ETFs and understanding them
  • Raiz Walkthrough
  • Spaceship Walkthrough
  • Online Broker Walkthrough (SelfWealth)

Articles, support and guidance on the above plus

  • Managing and tracking performance
  • Everything Dividends
  • When to sell (and when not to)
  • Links to helpful tools, sites and platforms
  • Key decisions you'll need to make when investing
  • What exactly is an investment?

Frequently Asked Questions!

What if I'm NOT a numbers person?

Zero math skills needed, my friend! This course isn't about calculations, formulas and charts but aimed to make investing LESS technical than it feels right now.

How long will it take to do this course?

The New Investor Bootcamp is a go at your own pace online course.

It is made up of short sharp videos, tutorials, and written content.

All up there are around 20 different sections within the course with 2 hours of video material backed up with notes and written articles.

You could smash through it all in one morning, or take a couple of weeks to slowly absorb the information by spending 15 minutes on it here and there.

It's up to you. 

How do I access the course?

After you sign up, you’ll see a thank you—and asking you to head to your email inbox.

You’ll be granted IMMEDIATE access to the course website! That email contains everything you need to know to get started.

Who is the New Investor Bootcamp for, precisely?

The New Investor Bootcamp is a great fit for anyone thinking about investing in shares.

So whether you are brand new to investing, have already started, or want to rebuild your knowledge, then New Investor Bootcamp is for you.

Beginner Investors

If you are brand new or have just starting getting into shares and the stock market then you are in the right place.

Motivated learners

Like learning new things? Want to get better in what you know about investing? Use New Investor Bootcamp to find helpful strategies, tactics, tools, products in a focussed step by step way.

Action Takers

Fast track your journey to financial freedom. This course is going to give you so much knowledge and confidence you'll be ready to make a move and actually START investing.

Lacking direction, feeling stuck

Want to invest, but seem to be going nowhere? Get some structure and find the options you need so that you start building momentum and finally break through to where you want to head.

People with $5 to invest with

That's all you need to have to start you investing journey. If $5 is all you can afford then that's the best way to start. We will focus on what you are capable of achieving.

Who is this NOT a good fit for?

  • Folks who want investing decisions made for them
  • Those wanting a shortcut to getting rich
  • Anyone chasing stock picks

So to sum it all up…

New Investor Bootcamp is a time-saving game-changer for anybody who get investing in shares and who wants to do it faster and easier 👍

Here’s how this works…


Grab your copy of NEW INVESTOR BOOTCAMP right here.


Check your inbox for your login information (you’ll choose a password, not me) 🤪


You’ll log into your dashboard, where you can see every module and lesson you have access to. You can then quickly jump to anywhere you like 👍


You’ll watch, rewatch and refer back to the material whenever you need. On computer, phone, or tablet.

Imagine yourself a year from now...

You feel excited, confident and relaxed knowing your money is working hard. You are getting closer to your financial goals and it's clear when you will hit them. 

Imagine having all this investing knowledge and using it to support a safe and secure future you are in control of.

And guess what?

  • You don’t need to be good with numbers
  • You don’t need to spend hours in Facebook groups and reddit reading thread after thread anymore
  • You don’t need to have a massive salary and large amounts of money ready to go

You just need some step-by-step guidance on the need-to-know information to take that FIRST STEP towards being an investor.

You need the New Investor Bootcamp.


Now only $27

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