Hi- I'm Tim. I help Financial DIYers own their money and future.

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Over the last 15 years, I've hit some major life milestones—marriage, kids, property investments, relocation, even dealing with redundancy.

Each stage taught me unique financial lessons that I thought were worth sharing.

Inspired by the birth of my second child, I decided to not just jot these lessons down for my family, but also to share them publicly through a simple website I can point people to in case they need some guidance.

My mission? To make the essential elements of personal finance and investing clear, simple, and actionable.

From notes to newsletters

What began as a few notes for my kids turned into this site —a resource the internet didn't know it needed but quickly embraced.

Over time, I expanded my focus to include things I was deeply engrossed in—like investing in ETFs, testing new investment strategies, finding the ideal cash flow system and planning for a flexible retirement (whenever that may be).

Now, I run DadInvestor as a one-man show, helping fellow Financial DIYers hone their personal finance and investing skills.

With my weekly newsletter and 1:1 coaching service, I aim to guide you toward making confident money moves for lasting financial freedom.

I write about topics to help you own your money and financial future.

ETF Investing

The modern way to invest in shares. Get more from your money by diving into the world of Exchange Traded Funds. Learn how to choose the best ETFs, manage risks, and create a diversified portfolio that grows over time.

Investment Apps and Tools

Streamline your financial life with top-rated investing apps and tools. Discover which platforms offer the features you need to manage your money efficiently and make informed decisions.

Money Management

Master your finances by learning essential money management skills. From budgeting to saving, we provide actionable tips that will help you take control of your cash flow and financial future.

Investing Strategies

Raise your investing game with proven strategies. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced investor, make the right choices to maximise your returns and minimise risks.

I'll help you take that next financial step sooner.

Find freedom and flexibility to live the life you want.

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  1. G’day Tim, awesome site mate. One of my motivations for the pursuit of FIRE is to be an awesome Dad, so its cool to see you paving the way and loving that second childhood! Cheers mate

    • Thanks mate. Appreciate it. Parenting is a challenge but if you don’t have money worries in your way it’s so much easier to enjoy.

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