It all started as a way to write for my kids

After making it through the birth of our second child and navigating through another change in not only our lives but our finances – I knew we had been through a lot.

Not to say that we had done it tough, but we had adapted and adjusted to life all changing suddenly and I thought it was time to  take note of it all.

I started writing publicly on this site as a way to leave little notes for my kids in the future – how to set a budget, save money, spend money, buy a property, save for a baby, and more.

The goal was to make it clear and concise on what I've learned but only include the most important aspects of personal finance and investing.

From notes to newsletters

Since then, I've built these notes into articles that I continue to update to be as helpful as possible.

I also send out a newsletter every week that shares a story, lesson or experience that I want to send you.

Who knows where this will head next but I'll continue to share only what I know and have done.

Back then there was no social media, online banking or smart phones

Me on a holiday I couldn't afford
Me on a holiday I couldn't afford

Money has been something I've been consious of since my very first job. On my 16th birthday I has my first shift at Safeway (now Woolworths) where I made $7 an hour. 

Because of this I needed a bank account. Bank then it was all bricks and mortar. I went into the local Westpac with my mum and setup an account so I could receive my pay. 

Five years later I was starting work full time for the first time after graduating uni and suddenly making ok money. 

I started to dream a bit. Property, cars, travel, the works. It wasn't all possible on what I was making Day 1 but I thought that I at least am on the right path to make things like this happen. 

I started tracking my money (in a basic spreadsheet). I put some aside each pay for the short and long term goals I had. 

There was no app, no blogs or social media to find help. It was purely motivating and my fortunate taste for getting the numbers to work. 

I taught myself the best way I knew – through trial and error.

I started reading, started investing, started making mistakes (and learning from them). 

Today I like to think I make fewer mistakes. That's because I've built a system and stick to a process that supports what our family needs and enjoys. We can spend more time together, grow together and learn together because our financial foundation is strong and that's what I do it all for.

Freedom and flexibility to live the life we want

That's been the mantra for how I want to live this life. That means we might have to give up some safety or control every now and then but it's all about priorities.

These days I work part-time in a number of roles. One of them is being a financial coach to money minded people like you. I love to teach and want to give guidance and insight to those that need direction.

I also provide a premium online course for those that want to get investing in shares without the confusion or overwhelm. 

It's possible to get the confidence and clarity to create the future you want. If you want to keep showing up to make progress then it will happen.

Ready to start your journey?

I'm committed to building a community for my readers. A community of motivated and ambitious people who want more from life.

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DadInvestor with kids
Underatted part of having kids is getting to experience childhood again, but as an adult.

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