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This website is a collection of articles I’ve written over the last few years covering what I know and have experienced in personal finance. I go into areas like spending, saving, investing, family finance and money mindsets. 

Each month I add to my list of articles on this site but if you are new, then I'll suggest you start by reading my best articles in each category.

Before that though you might want to checkout my beginner's guide to personal finance. 


Best articles in each category

Spending and Saving

Learn to love saving again
Spend money without fear
Money hacks

Family finance

Kids and finances – what to expect and what to consider (for new parents)
How I run the family finances
What our family does to ‘get ahead’

Behaviour and mindset

Building the right money habits
How I’m improving my mindset to live a richer life
What to do when you're desperate to take action


You're ready to invest? Tell me your why
Build an investing plan
Investing for income
You want to buy an investment property
What Tom Cruise has taught me about investing

What makes me, me

My tools of the trade
My portfolio
Best and worst financial decisions

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