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What is this site?

It's a series of easy to understand finance guides for money minded people.

Written by a dad who spends time investing, managing money and finding ways to build wealth for his family. 
I'm using my years of experience as an investor, money manger, husband and dad to break down everything I know about personal finance so that you can use it to radically change your future, family, and life.

I speak like a normal person and keep it simple so you can work out how to:

  • Make smart financial decisions.
  • Spend less time stressing about money
  • Feel excited about your future
What you you should know about me:
  • I'm not some guru on the motivation talk circuit.
  • I do not have a book published.
  • I’m not some kid out of uni who thinks they have mastered the stock market.
  • I'm a dad who knows a how to make investing easy and has done it for decades.

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