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Investing tools and apps

Investing strategies and guides

Index Funds in Australia (2024 Beginner's guide)

When you invest in an index fund, your money is used to purchase a portfolio of assets like stocks.

Investing Strategies & Principles for Building Wealth in Australia

We all want to start investing, or have investments. Not many of us want to plan. In this guide I'll show you why you should and how to make your own investment plan.

Ethical Investing 2024: A Guide to Investing with Your Values in Australia

You might hear it called impact investing or sustainable investing. The buzz around ethical investing in Australia has meant there are now more choices when it comes to investment options and products.

Money Management

ubank vs Up Bank: Which bank is better for 2024?

I spent some time using the accounts and apps of each of these banks to work out if they are the best banks to be using in 2024 and beyond.

ubank Review 2024 (Spending + Savings + App Experience)

Now a strong contender against big banks, ubank offers a top-notch digital experience. Discover its strengths and shortfalls in this review.

Up Banking Review 2024: How I use the digital bank

Switching banks? This app based option could be a game-changer. No fees, sleek design, and a team reimagining banking.

Zero Sum Budgeting (Improve your Finances with this Proven Strategy)

Unlike traditional budgeting, a聽zero-sum budgeting method聽requires you to assign all income towards expenses, savings, and debts, ensuring no funds are left unallocated or without a specific purpose.

Is Saving $10,000 a Year a Good Effort?

The act of saving or investing is certainly worthwhile, no matter the amount. However, what makes it truly impactful is how that figure sits in relation to your overall income and life plans.

How to Have More Time and Money

The numbers of what we spend money on can be a bit of an eye-opener.

ETF Investing

The best ETF in Australia (is the only one I own)

If you only ever wanted to own one ETF ever then what would it be? Well I only invest in one and it's the best ETF in Australia (according to me).

Raiz ETFs: 30 options to pick from (+ Bitcoin & Property)

Discover the diverse range of ETFs available through Raiz, including global, Australian, fixed interest, and trend-focused options, plus Bitcoin and a property fund for a tailored investment portfolio.

Raiz Review 2024 (ETF + ASX Investing App)

A micro-investing app that let's you invest into funds, shares, ETFs, property.