The Best Calculators and Tools

to get you further with your money
& investing


These aren't your everyday calculators. I've gone and created some unique calcs that give the answers to questions I ask myself and others ask me.

Savings rate over time

How much you'll get back if you save a certain percentage of your salary over 10, 15, 20 years

Cost of investment calculator

Estimate how much a certain ETF or managed fund may cost you throughout your investment period.

Mortgage repayments and cost of housing

Work out your mortgage repayments and how much of your income it takes up.

Coming soon…

Most recommended tools

Sharesight investing management
Investment management

Know your true performance, track investments and lose the spreadsheet saving time with your investing.

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Spaceship voyager
Investing Apps

A simple and affordable to start investing with as little money as you like.

Raiz invest
Investing Apps

Invest spare change automatically from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio.

stake review
Investing Apps

Invest in 8000+ ASX and U.S. stocks and ETFs from Australia. $3 ASX trades. $0 U.S. trades. My favourite broker.

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Top notch banking products and technology. Great for home loans and extensive accounts.



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