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"I have a voice in the back of my head telling me to do something" 🤔

Is money on your mind a bit?

Maybe you have a big decision coming up, but not sure exactly what to do. There’s all this information, but you’re getting stuck trying to work out what to do with it.

Each day you are reading, having conversations, listening to stories on what everyone else is doing but it’s not clear enough on what you need to do.

It doesn’t help that everything about money seems so complicated. There’s all this lingo and math that makes it hard to work out. It’d be great to have it explained in layman’s terms or at least see some real-life examples to get a better grasp on it. 

You might even be someone who goes to sleep thinking about money and wakes up thinking about it.

There’s just so many options, too many options.  Should I keep my money in savings? Buy a property? Go into shares? Which one first?

It’s hard because you’re putting the time and effort into “figuring it out” but it’s just not clicking.

"I've never struggled but never prospered"

Maybe you’re in a stage in your career where things seem steady.

It’s not that you are struggling to cover costs, but you don’t feel your money is being put to its best use. 

When I talk to people trying to go next level with their money, it’s usually in two ways. 

1 – They try and work it out for themselves. 😩

  • Listen to a bunch of podcasts
  • Google all night finding forums and blog posts
  • Find a Facebook Group they can ask questions in

All this does is give you more information, it doesn’t guide you through your own specific situation.

2- Others go see a financial planner 😕

  • Spend a lot of money to talk to a professional
  • It seems intimidating and you are unprepared to have a conversation with them
  • You don’t trust them cause you know they’ll try to sell you something
  • You end up having to google half the stuff they talk about afterward

The planner seems to make sense, but you don’t need a 45 point plan of your financial life, you just want help with the one thing you want to do now.

We might find some luck early with either of these ways, but many of us don’t get what we really wanted and then we are back to square one, frustrated. 

So what can we do?

You've got a map🗺️ but what you really need is a GPS.🛰️

A GPS that gets rid of the 99% of information that doesn’t matter and takes you from where you are today financially to where you want to be. 

Imagine having a conversation and then knowing exactly which way to go, what turns to take and what to do with your money.

You understand the route, understand how long it will take and get the confidence to forget about everything else because its unimportant to your goals. 

That’s what it's like to use a financial coach aka your GPS. 

Someone who knows money and can help explain in ways you understand. Someone who could answer any of your questions, no matter how small or silly they seem.

How financial coaching works

Finacnial coaching is service that can teach you successfull money skill, habits and knowledge that can serve you for the rest of your lives. 

It bridge sthe gap betwenn knowing what you can do and getting it done.

Rather than focus on products and strategies, a financial coach looks at helping you understand the basics, behavioural change and accountability. 

A financial coach is no replacement for a financial adviser or planner, but is someone who can teach you first and foremost to help you make smart financial decisions. 

Is it time you found someone who simplifies personal finances without feeling overwhelmed?


The Discovery Session

1-on1 training and guidance for your personal finance and investing

😃 Understand money ☺️ Get direction 🙃Avoid more worry

What's included?

Is Financial Coaching right for you?

It's not for you if:

  • You're looking for stock tips, or that big investment you can make to quit your job forever
  • You cannot commit to systems change like habits, processes or how you think about money
  • You want to blame things out of your control rather than improve the things in your control

It is, if you:

  • Need help understanding finance – the terms, concepts, products, strategies and lingo
  • Want to talk with someone completely objective about what you want to do
  • Are sick of spending time searching for answers, listening to conflicting information
  • Want to avoid bad financial decisions in the years to  come


"Hmm, I'm not so sure yet" 🤷‍♀️

Yeah I get it,  using a financial coach might be new or seem like a stretch. But if you are still reading by now I want to help explain it more. 

Think of it like a personal trainer. I help you get results in a way suited to you indvidually and in a way you understand.

Let me answer some questions as well. 

There is a tonne of valuable content out there for free, absolutely.

I find though most people get stuck with what to do with it.

Free gives you information, but no direction. What stops people from taking that next step is that outside force helping them confirm which decisions are right for them. 

Paying for direction also means you save time cutting out what's not required. 

So you don't need to keep googling, you dont need to listen to another 15 podcasts or join a Facebook group for ‘help'.

Think about how much time you’ve spent thinking and worrying about what you need to do next.

In 90 minutes I will give confidence and clarity to know what money means to you and what actions you need to take.

You’ll save time and energy not having to think for yourself and be able to move on to other things in your life.

My name is Tim and I've been coaching people with their money for years. 

I've been through many experiences myself – buying property, investing in stocks, having kids, have worked in superannuation and can work with any financial step you want to take. 

No matter how particular or individual your situation may be, there is always a way to navigate through.


This session isn't designed to rebuilt your life, but get you through the one decision that is weighing you down. 

Whether it be buying a property, changing jobs, saving for a holiday or getting your budget on track we can talk about it. 

Are you ready to supercharge your financial health?

How the process works

  1. Book in a call where we have a chat and see if this session is for you
  2. You the session at a time of your choosing and pay
  3. You recieve a pre session questionnaire to help support our session
  4. We have the session and focus on your areas of concern, goals or stratgies
  5. A week after, I send you a follow up with the recording, notes of the session and options for your next steps


First step is to book a quick, free call.

My best stories and tips on both money and investing.

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  • Improve your confidence
  • Make better decisions
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