Investing isn’t just property or shares


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It’s not all stocks or real estate…

As you might imagine with a name like DadInvestor, I like to consider myself a bit of an investor.

Early in my adult life, I thought being an investor was all about stocks and real estate portfolios.

I literally thought I was on my way to being some kind of tycoon when I bought a second property (couldn't be more wrong).

Since going through my investing life and losing a lot of money both in stocks and property, I realised there is more to investing financially. 

I've made greater returns than those two by focusing on some areas I thought were non essential.

Areas that can dwarf property and stocks in how much money they can make you. 

Believe it or not, It's actually hard to make money from money. 

Buying a stock and waiting for that to make you rich is something for the super patient. That's why every chart is telling you how much you'll have in retirement rather than in 5 years.

Assuming a property will double its price is also a dangerous game as so many elements are out of your control.

To me, I'm finding that you need to broaden you investing focus to more than two areas.

Here are three types of investments that have been more valuable to me in the past:

Paying down debt

If you are in debt, especially credit card debt then this is your easiest way to make money. 

If your rate is 5% or more (likely 12%+ if a credit card), then slashing that debt back will supercharge your wealth.

Whats more, it will train you to rapidly build up cash when you do dissolve the debt. 

It is the compound interest effect but in reverse and 2x to 3x faster. 

Earn more at your job

Going to work will provide you with your greatest return. 

What you should aim for is to get more in return for the time you spend at work. 

I've levelled up my career the last few years and appreciate being paid more for the same number of hours I put in.

What I did was pay attention to what people in more experienced roles were trained in. Learned those skills and understood what the companies wanted. Both on the job learning and official training assisted with that.

I know some people moan and begrudge about their job, but it's so much more rewarding to earn more at what you do for same effort.

Start a business

The best get rich quick scheme of all time is to start a business.

If you look around, you find that most wealthy people have made their money from business, not from stocks or real estate.

Think Amazon, Apple, even local companies like Coles or Telstra who all make their money from business. 

You can start simple – Mow a law for $30 an hour, Tutor someone for $40. It's up to you to find a skill and set a price. Build from there.

So there's three ways you can seriously build wealth quickly. All based off what I've learnt as an ‘investor' during the last 15 years.

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